Down to Earth



It is clear to me that we are made for each other.

The touch of your skin,

The sound of your voice,

You beautiful pale blue eyes,

All I can think of day and night is you.

The transparency of your soul only I could touch and feel mesmerises me.

My persona is changing from dusk to dawn.

Only you could bring such transformation into my life,

For you I'd die.

There is no one else I'd touch, caress, appreciate every moment with.

I lay my life before you,

In your hands it shall remain, forever yours.

I want to be touched, held, kissed by you,

With all my love, heart and soul.

Feel the rhythm, the tender passion rising from my very depth,

A love so sublime, that no other man could ever feel, for we are one forevermore.

And I solemnly declare my love for you before the heavens,

The hell that never in the first place existed and shall be no more in men's mind arising;

An ephemeral memory, dissipating like evaporating morning dew.

YO are the soft pink petal of the rose, its trembling edge, its curvature

That I with my fingertips and with my careful eye designed,

For men to admire the fragility of.

You are my garden rose, for which no other reason I grew thorns;

So that I egoistically could keep untouched.

The villains shall be punished accordingly and Thee will be mine once again forevermore.

(watch out, florists)

P.S. Longing for you is like giving time a new meaning, a reason to fear death.

Every minute counts, I want to be with you.


It might-have-been, written by Voltaire, 2008 © Stephanie Magnin